My name is Solomon Odinsson.

I hereby declare my body to be a communal resource.

My tribe currently numbers ZERO.

Area of Focus

奥丁 + 瓦利

奥丁 Odin

profound and difficult to understand, abstruse, southwestern corner, innermost part of a house, mysterious, obscure, profound

man, population, members of a family, person engaged in a certain occupation, D, IV, 195°, butyl, cubes (of food)

瓦利 Váli

roof tile, girl, earthenware pottery, primordial spindle, watt (W)

sharp, advantage, favourable, smooth, convenient, benefit, fluent, eloquent, profit, interest

scratch and rewind

Dear Mike Mignola,

I have a project idea...

Dear Ezra Miller,

We Need To Talk.

Dear Ron Perlman,

Interested in hunting rl nazis?

Dear Ashton Kutcher,

Would you like to step up your charity game?

Dear Chester Bennington,

How's your comeback going?

Dear Tilda Swinton,

I have a job offer.

Dear Brit Marling,

I need your expertise.

Dear KRS1,

Someone here really wants to meet up.

thank you for your time :)

(k) kopy-left all rites reversed